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Humitar, Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Humidifier

Acoustic guitar wood needs moisture to play and look its best. A dry guitar can warp, shrink and worse yet, crack. The Humitar safely releases moisture evenly to eliminate these potential problems. The innovative Humid-i-Bar sponge holds a lot more water than other humidifiers. This means less monitoring on your end while resting assured your fine guitar is being cared for. Time to check the Humitar? Easy! Pop the top, touch the insert; if it’s wet leave it, if it’s dry, it’s time to rehydrate. Rehydrating is a cinch – simply remove the Humid-i-Bar sponge, soak it in distilled water and you’re back in action – easy, no mess, and low maintenance.

Details - Long Lasting, Low Maintenance
- Re-usable Sponge
- Anti-Drip, No Mess Material
- Sponge Holds 10x its weight in water
- Safely Releases Moisture
- Won’t leak regardless of orientation of the guitar and case (upright, flat or on its side)