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Have you recently purchased an instrument and want to learn to play it? Did you play years ago and want to pick it up again? Do you have an old instrument around the house and would like to learn to play? Whether a total beginner or experienced musician, Wild Acoustic Music Co can help you get to where you want to be.

Our youngest student is four and our oldest student is eighty-six. Rock, blues, bluegrass, classical, movie tunes, you name it. You may want to learn strumming chords, finger picking, playing melodies, improvisation, or all of the above. You may want to just play and have fun, or you may want to learn to read music and dive into music theory. We personalize each lesson program to meet the needs of the individual student.


Guitar - usually what comes to mind when you hear "stringed instrument". It is an incredibly versatile and emotive instrument. There are any number of topics you may want to explore. Here are a few: chords and strumming, finger picking, bar chords, and lead improvisation.
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Ukulele - you will find yourself smiling when you play. It is small, easy to carry around, and perfect for young students with small hands. It can be an inexpensive instrument to begin music study. Topics for exploration: chords and strumming, finger picking, bar chords, and playing melodies.
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Mandolin - is a great instrument for bluegrass, Celtic music, and classical music. It can also be heard in rock. Learn how to flatpick melodies and improvisation. Also learn mandolin as a melodic background instrument with double stops, chords, and various strumming patterns.
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Piano - a great course for beginner students. Beginning piano is a fantastic way to learn to read music and music theory fundamentals. It is also a very good way to learn interplay between melody and harmony. You can learn to read music, music theory, chord theory, proper playing habits, discipline, and hand development.
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Banjo, Finger Style

Banjo, Finger Style - Earl Scruggs changed the way banjo is played when he introduced the three finger style of picking banjo. It is the way way we most often hear it played these days. Learn three finger rolls, chords, bluegrass banjo techniques, playing up the neck, licks, and other basics in bluegrass and melodic banjo.
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Banjo, Clawhammer Style

Banjo, Clawhammer - is also referred to as "frailing". It is the traditional way of playing banjo. Clawhammer banjo playing is highly rhythmic, it typically includes elements of melody, harmony, rhythm and percussion. Learn how to play melodic notes, strum harmonic chords, and play rhythmic and percussive effects on the strings.
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Mountain Dulcimer

Mountain Dulcimer - An American folk instrument played flat in the lap, it has 3 courses of strings. It is diatonically tuned making it a simple instrument for a beginner. You can begin to play quickly, but there is a lot to learn to become a more advanced player. Learn to play melodies, chords, and many other techniques using multiple note combinations. Also learn different tuning styles, using the noter, strumming, and fingerpicking.
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Hammered Dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer - is the beautiful sounding stringed instrument that is played by striking the tuned strings with "hammers". Learn how to tune your dulcimer, as well as play major and minor keys, duplicated notes, repeated notes, modulations, walking bass lines, chromatic notes, drone harmony, back-up chords, and interval harmony.
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Resonator | Dobro, Square Neck

Resonator, Square Neck - is a different type of guitar with a thick neck that has the strings elevated above the fretboard. It is played flat on your lap, and incorporates finger picking and a slide bar. Learn how to play resonator square neck chords and single note playing. You will play bluegrass, country, blues, and folk songs.
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Resonator | Dobro, Round Neck

Resonator, Round Neck - It is played like a regular guitar, but it has a resonator cone which gives it a distinctly different sound. The neck is wider and the strings are different which makes it perfect for using a finger slide. Using different tunings you can achieve any number of slide styles and effects. One very common playing style on this instrument is blues slide guitar. Learn how to play the many possibilities.
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Native American Style Flute

Native American Style Flute - is a beautiful sounding flute that is a perfect introduction for beginning to play a wind instrument. Learn the Native American style flute pentatonic scale, extended scales, playing techniques, breathing, articulation, plus exercises to improve your playing.
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Songwriting and Improvisation

Songwriting & Improvisation - how to get started, how to write in different song forms, how to approach titles, themes and lyrics, the creation of a melody, utilization of various chords and chord progressions, finding the right chords for the melody, handling various rhythmic elements.
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Drums & Percussion

Drums & Percussion - we have a very unique approach. Our drum program teaches fundamentals as you might find in a standard program. Our program, however, plots a course through various type of ethnic drums and percussion including cajons, djembes, bodhráns, frame drums, and various hand percussion.
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