15U Tenor Low G

String Set, Ukulele, Tenor Low G, Nylgut

This set of Aquila Nylgut strings is for a tenor size ukulele. This set has a low G string.

Nylgut strings are quickly becoming the choice of ukulele players worldwide. Some have said that their instruments have been transformed by Nylgut strings. Nylgut strings for ukuleles are highly polished to a smooth surface.

Nylgut has a specific density and acoustical qualities nearly identical to that of gut, and is the first truly successful synthetic version of the natural product. Other strong points of Nylgut are its elevated resistance to wear under tension-greater than that of gut-but even more important is its extraordinary immunity to changes of climate, considerably better than that of Nylon and thereby ensuring a superior stability of tuning under normal conditions.