The Mountain


Shirt, My Favorite Breed


Mrs. Walker's second grade class has an assignment. Each child has to act out the sentence, My favorite dog breed is.... Bobby dances and punches like a Boxer. Roxy struts around the room as a Rottweiler. Shy Suzie gets up, looks left and right, and quietly says Schnauzer. Sheila runs like crazy, around and around; she's a Sheepdog. Anita barks the letters for Akita. Rory plays catch with himself; he's a Retriever. Libby points to the North Pole: there's Labrador. And Terry says--yeah okay, Terry is going to look very smart and say Terrier. You get it. So what's your favorite breed?

Artist Dean Russo draws inspiration from the urban landscape of his native hometown, Brooklyn, New York, and from his love for animals. Russo’s truly unique artwork is known for its brilliant colors and bold abstract designs of mesmerizing shapes and symbols. Through his designs, Dean strives to communicate a message that encourages people to choose animal adoption, to acknowledge the worldwide failure of breed-specific legislation, and to combat dog fighting around the world.

- Pre-Shrunk, Medium Weight, 100% Cotton
- Relaxed, Classic Fit Hand-Dyed With Organic Dyes
- Printed With Soft, Non-Toxic Water-Based Inks
- Reinforced Double-Stitching On All Seams

Shirt features an over-sized relaxed fit, with reinforced double-stitching on all seams. A mid-weight, 100% cotton tee, hand-dyed and screen printed in USA using signature water-based inks and dyes. After just one wash you will not know where the print ends and the shirt begins. The unique printing process actually pulls the dye color out of the shirt and leaves the ink color behind, essentially dyeing the cotton with the ink. After dyeing they are washed and dried, so they arrive to you comfortable, pre-shrunk & ready to wear.