Tycoon Percussion


Güiro Shaker, Wood

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The TGS-W Wooden Guiro Shaker is a dual purpose instrument that provides the player with a shaker and a guiro all in one. Constructed from Siam Oak, this instrument includes a wooden scraper.

The güiro is played by rubbing a stick along notches to produce a ratchet sound. It was adapted from an instrument which might have originated in either South America or Africa. The Aztecs produced an early cousin to the güiro, called the omitzicahuastli which was created from a small bone with serrated notches and was played in the same manner as the güiro. The Taino people of the Caribbean have been credited with the origins of the güiro. The Taínos of Puerto Rico developed the güajey, a long gourd or animal bones with notches, was an antecedent of the modern day güiro.