Dusty Strings

Double-sided oval 5

Hammered Dulcimer Hammers, Double Sided

It's nice to have an arsenal of hammers at your disposal for different moods and playing situations. These hardwood hammers are meticulously shaped and finished in pairs, guaranteeing an even, well-balanced weight and feel. They are 9 inches long. 

The striking surface material is what will determine the sound. These double sided hammers have  hardwood on one side (for a louder, bell-like tone, which is often used in outdoor or ensemble playing where you need to be loud) , and suede leather (for a softer, warmer tone, often used for indoor solo playing) on the other side.

Weight and stiffness are also subtle factors that can influence the sound and performance of a pair of hammers. These double-sided hammers, have a smaller head size, are lighter, and have a narrower, more flexible handle, thus producing a lighter sound.