Cling On


Cling On Pickup

Product Features:
- Quick and easy magnetic attachment.
- No instrument modification required - There is no need to drill or modify your instrument in any way. There are no permanently glued, bolted-on or screwed-on parts.
- Natural and balanced sound - The magnets have a dual purpose. Not only do they make attachment super easy, but they also create constant pressure on the soundboard, resulting in a more sensitive, balanced and accurate sensing of the vibrations.
- Detachable audio cable -  The Cling On Pickup comes with a mini audio jack, which allows for the audio cable to be detached.
- On-board volume control -  You are in control of your sound level at all times.
- Protective silicone rubber pad - A very thin and soft silicone rubber pad protects the finish of your instrument. No messy adhesive stickers or sticky putties damaging your instrument.

You can order extra PickUp Magnetic Bases here >

What is included in the package:
- Pickup
- Audio cable with a 1/4" female adapter for a standard 1/4" guitar cable. The adapter can be secured to an available strap pin. No tangling cables.
- One magnetic base
- Sticky putty to be used to stick the magnetic base on the inside of the instrument. It is easily removable and re-usable. Does not dry up.