STL Ocarina


Ocarina - Air in C

This ocarina offers a flawless design that aids in delivering an impeccable tune. The calm light green of this ocarina in combination with the darker green streaks gives a fresh breath of air to life as you know it. For growth, harmony and balance this ocarina will sweep everyone off their feet and leave them feeling the true joy that music brings to the soul.

This high-quality ceramic ocarina delivers a crisp and clear tone as a perfect summer’s morning does. Allow the sounds of this ocarina to move you, feel its harmony and find balance in life. Designed to comfortably fit any hand and ease of use guaranteed. It also comes with a full instructional booklet accessible online.

Details- Part of an exquisite series of ocarinas inspired by the elements
- 12-hole soprano ocarina
- About 5 inches long
- Accurately tuned in C major
- Pitch range from A5 to F7
- Handcrafted from high-grade ceramic