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Cigar Box Guitar

Cigar box guitars were first seen around the Civil War and really exploded in popularity during the early 1900's. Musicians at the time couldn't afford professional instruments, so they made their own, often using a broomstick or piece of wood from a fence or shed for a neck and broom wire for strings. They were very rustic instruments with a very unique tone.

These guitars are modernized and play like a professional instrument. The body is, obviously, a cigar box. The neck is crafted fom oak or maple and they have a nice fingerboard made of a wood that goes well with the cigar box (walnut, cherry, maple, padauk, bocote, zebrawood, or rosewood). They feature nice tuning machines and a piezo pickup. The action is set low enough to easily play chords or fingerstyle, but you can still play with a slide if you like. Three string guitars can easily be tuned to an open chord so you can get started rocking within minutes. If you're new to the three string guitar, try Open D (DAd). Each one is hand made and unique.


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