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iPad Tablet Tray with Adjustable Clamp Mount

The tablet tray is designed to be configured in landscape or portrait mode and can be maneuvered to fit any viewing angle. Pronged tray adjusts to fit iPad, iPad 2, and most other large format tablets.

The C-Clamp adjusts to fit surfaces up to 1.25” (32mm) using a twist-tight adjustment screw. Perfect for microphone stands, drum hardware, desks, guitar amps and more.

Details - Tray Adjusts To Fit iPad, iPad 2, And Most Other Large Format Tablets
- Tray Can Be Configured In Landscape or Portrait Mode
- Multi-Angle Viewing
- Fits up to Max Tablet size of 10" x 7.75"
- Clamps Onto Anything Less Than 1.25Ó (32mm)
- Great For Mic Stands, Drum Hardware, Desks, And Guitar Amps
- Lightweight Durable Construction